we create Casino videos that differentiate your brand, convert your customers, and don't break the budget

Casino videos all look the same. It’s time to change that.

Timeless Motion
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our team has achieved great things

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every casino attraction is meant to differentiate your resort from the competition.

shouldn’t your video marketing do the same?

here are just some results timeless motion has delivered:

Increased occupancy of the Strat by 26%
Increased digital bookings at Top of the World restaurant by 18%
Increased bookings of the SkyJump attraction by 23%

So what is this time-bending, competition-ending, reservation-booking, high-end-looking, differentiation making, boring-casino-video-breaking enigma that we call Timeless Motion?

Glad you asked…

Timeless Motion is a video technique where we stitch thousands of photos together to make a video. This allows us to play with time to create a one of a kind video that covers a lot of features in a short amount of time.

Some moments are slowed down, some moments are sped up, and some moments zoom in and out at different speeds to focus on key features of your casino and quickly transition from one location to another in an attention-grabbing way that make viewers feel like they’re watching something exciting that they need to be a part of.

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These industry-leading gaming companies trusted us to grow their brand with video

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If differentiating were easy, you wouldn’t be here.

Timeless Motion’s video style was specifically designed to help solve the most common problems the casino industry faces in the coming years…

The increase in casino legislation has led to a major increase in competition for casinos.

Inflation and a pending recession could cause us to see a decline in discretionary spending at casinos.

Differentiation for casinos gets harder as competition grows and the casino industry has been slow to innovate.

The larger the casino, the harder it is to show off all its best attractions.

Casino marketing has evolved and properties need to find new ways to market to each unique customer segment.

Most casino videos serve one purpose. That means new video shoots for in-room, social, website, TV, slot toppers, etc.

If any of these issues sound familiar, don’t worry. Timeless Motion has provided solutions that help solve many of these problems for casinos just like yours.

How does Timeless Motion solve this?

The more competition, the greater the need to differentiate. Timeless Motion’s video style is fresh and exciting and it grabs viewer’s attention and makes it hard to look away.

It’s a proven fact that marketing more during periods of inflation or recession is the right play to keep customers engaged. In comparison to traditional casino video production, Timeless Motion costs less and is proven to convert more.

Do you ever look at your competitors commercials and think, they copied us! Guess what? They did. Timeless Motion is allergic to creating copycat videos. If a casino spends millions of dollars on attractions to differentiate their brand, then shouldn’t they differentiate their marketing too?

Traditional casino videos show only a fraction of their attractions because they run out of time. Timeless Motion allows you to speed up or slow down on certain attractions so you can feature more, in less time.

By playing with speed and time, our Timeless Motion framework is designed to feature multiple customer journeys in one amazing and efficient video. Go rewatch your competitors' videos and tell me if they pull that off!

Timeless Motion offers a one-of-a-kind viewing experience that feels modern, exciting, engaging. Each scene works on its own, so you can feature clips vertically on social, full scenes for in-room, on slot toppers, your website, etc. You could never do that with a traditional casino commercial.


timeless motion process

what should I expect with my Timeless Motion video?


we build your timeless motion casino property playbook

We hone in on your highlights, then we learn about your brand’s personality so we can craft a visual video journey based on your core customers.


We present your custom timeless motion video storymap

We create a video storyboard to show exactly how we use sound design, never-before seen transitions, and attention-grabbing scenes to bring your video to life.


we build your timeless motion casino property playbook

This is where we get to work on planning the logistics of when, what, who, how and where we will shoot on your property.


We edit your video

Now our magical editing elves sit in a dark room for many late nights, individually stitching over 20,000 photos together to make your casino breathtaking. (Don’t worry, we provide them snacks)


Refine. Review. Repeat.

Now it’s time for us to show off,
get your feedback, iterate, and keep at it
until you feel like your video is truly timeless.

“Why make a boring video when we can make a badass video that differentiates us from everyone else.”

VP of Property Marketing, Palms Casino Resort, Las Vegas

Who makes Timeless Motion happen?

who is making my
Timeless Motion video?

The Timeless Motion team is Emmy-award-winning, with a combined 24 years of experience working with industry-leading brick-and-mortar casino resorts, online casinos, poker rooms, & sportsbooks.
Our Founder, Dustin Iannotti has been creating impactful and original videos for the casino/gambling industry for over 16 years.
Dustin Iannotti
He’s been a marketing pioneer in the casino/gaming industry:
Dustin was tired of seeing copycat casino videos that used the same tired framework each year, from agencies that charge $500,000+ to produce commercials that all looked the same. He knew there was a more engaging way to capture casino gamblers, and he wanted to prove it…so he launched Timeless Motion.